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Crystal Marketing acquired by Adapt Innovatie

Effective 1st May 2019, Crystal Marketing, the digital marketing agency for student recruitment, will merge all its activities with Adapt Innovatie. The new combination will operate as “Adapt Innovatie”, and Crystal Marketing’s Founder, Guus Goorts, will join Adapt Innovatie as a partner. The new combination has offices in Zeist and Alphen NB, the Netherlands. The…

Search Engine Advertising mistakes that the top 5% University marketers avoid

Over the past weeks, we examined the Search Engine Advertising (SEA) campaigns of 10 Dutch Universities of applied sciences. While we had no access to their campaign dashboards, we used SEMrush, a tool that captures and archives advertising campaigns for analysis. While it doesn’t provide a complete picture, we know the data that it does…

Build trust through repetition: show your best content to prospective students who visited your website

A while ago, we published our “How ready are you for international student recruitment” calculator, which allows University marketers to assess how well they do in Strategy, Data, Attraction and follow-up. In total, we received 21 serious takers so far. One of our questions was: Question 17: We re-engage prospective students who have visited specific web…

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