Business validation helps you better understand your business based on business models. This allows you to anticipate changes in the world around you.

Business validation is about questions such as:

“Are we still doing the right things?”
“To what extent is our current business model future-proof?”

Together with you, we use our model to identify opportunities to better serve your customers, to tap into new target groups and to achieve higher margins. That way you can confidently go into the future.

We do this in the form of accessible and affordable workshops, among other things.

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Articles about Business validation

Crystal Marketing acquired by Adapt Innovatie

Effective 1st May 2019, Crystal Marketing, the digital marketing agency for student recruitment, will merge all its activities with Adapt Innovatie. The new combination will operate as “Adapt Innovatie”, and Crystal Marketing’s Founder, Guus Goorts, will join Adapt Innovatie as a partner. The new combination has offices in Zeist and Alphen NB, the Netherlands. The…

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Search Engine Advertising mistakes that the top 5% University marketers avoid

Over the past weeks, we examined the Search Engine Advertising (SEA) campaigns of 10 Dutch Universities of applied sciences. While we had no access to their campaign dashboards, we used SEMrush, a tool that captures and archives advertising campaigns for analysis. While it doesn’t provide a complete picture, we know the data that it does…

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Build trust through repetition: show your best content to prospective students who visited your website

A while ago, we published our “How ready are you for international student recruitment” calculator, which allows University marketers to assess how well they do in Strategy, Data, Attraction and follow-up. In total, we received 21 serious takers so far. One of our questions was: Question 17: We re-engage prospective students who have visited specific web…

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68% of Universities is not making data-driven​ marketing decisions. How to get started?

A while ago, we published our “How ready are you for international student recruitment” calculator, which allows University marketers to assess how well they do in Strategy, Data, Attraction and follow-up. As University marketers filled in the surveys, we had a unique chance to look at the aggregate answers. In total, we received 19 serious…

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How to get more highly qualified candidates in 30 days or less?

I love educational marketing for its long term focus. We are not just looking to “sell courses” – we’re looking for a fit. But at times, it’s important to move the numbers quickly. To do this, requires a shift in thinking. We so often think about “segmenting the market”. To make an impact in the…

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Presentation: How did English Express raise enrollment by 400% without breaking the bank on advertising?

By using search engine optimisation (SEO) strategically, English Express managed to get its online recruitment effort up quickly. Within the first year of existence, they managed to rank 2nd for “learn English Singapore” and most other relevant terms related to learning English in Singapore. (British Council at #1, we’re coming for you!) But rankings aren’t…

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Education fair + planning = amazing marketing power

This is the story of how I got the chance to speak at an education fair as a subject matter expert in language learning and got maximum mileage out of it by integrating different marketing approaches. It’s only about student recruitment in a roundabout way: the process I used. If you find the story too…

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How Palate Sensations Cooking School got 70% more enquiries without spending a dollar extra on advertising

Case study palate sensations from Guus Goorts

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AdWords is a beast. Powerful, but if you don’t tame it, it will eat you.

“Competing colleges are advertising on Google, so we should, too.” is not a good motivation to start an AdWords campaign. We’ve observed colleges spending thousands of dollars on Search Engine Marketing, without having a single enquiry to show for it. That said, with the right strategy in place, search ads become a highly reliable and…

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Internet has changed how students choose. Are you spending money in all the wrong places?

Prospective students spend considerable effort researching their options. Have Higher Education marketing approaches evolved to keep pace with their target audience? How it used to be. People have been marketing products for centuries. Marketers have long believed that consumers follow a spiral path down to decision making called the “funnel metaphor”. The funnel metaphor illustrates…

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Be Bold. And data driven.

Digital campaigns are often defined purely in numbers terms. It’s common to believe that better ROI can be achieved by just using certain types of technologies and managing the numbers well. This numbers & technology only approach leads to boring campaigns that no one cares about. Others rely solely on the creative positioning. By coming…

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4 Reasons why schools are not getting up to 400% more student enquiries

While the wheels of the student recruitment campaigns are turning, the number of e-mail addresses collected is often disappointing. Below, I’m sharing four reasons that often at the root of this lack of results. Reason 1: non-mobile friendly website Many University websites don’t display well on mobile phones. Sometimes it’s an inconvenience. In extreme cases,…

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