We believe in:



All professionals together make Adapt Innovatie. Everyone receives a% of certificates from us whereby you not only share in the success of the organization but can also participate in decisions. In addition, our modern terms of employment offer professionals the choice to choose their own remuneration structure and adjust it every 6 months. Modern and rapidly changing times also require modern and adaptable employment conditions.


Lifelong learning

We are convinced that the ability to constantly learn and develop is crucial for both professionals and us as an organization. Every professional can spend 20% of their time on development. These hours can go to study, courses but also, for example, to the development of own models and / or theories. In addition, we guide each other with active peer review and coaching led by managing consultants. All this to be able to continue to deliver that added value to our customers.


Applied R&D

Learning is more than just gathering knowledge. It is also important to apply new knowledge to specific issues. We do this not only with customers but also indoors. Thanks to this investment in knowledge and products, we already have a solution available for more and more branches and applications. Or a start to that. Examples are the validated models and Quick Scan that we currently use for our customers.


Modern collaboration

If something stands in the way of innovation, it is a hierarchy. Too much energy is lost through management. That is why we try to work together as effectively as possible by making modern technology work for us and not the other way around. We use, among other things, Office 365, Teams and Trello. We use these tools both internally and externally. We also encourage every professional to actively get started with their ideas.