Effective 1st May 2019, Crystal Marketing, the digital marketing agency for student recruitment, will merge all its activities with Adapt Innovatie. The new combination will operate as “Adapt Innovatie”, and Crystal Marketing’s Founder, Guus Goorts, will join Adapt Innovatie as a partner. The new combination has offices in Zeist and Alphen NB, the Netherlands.

The acquisition was a natural next step, after both companies partnered on joint projects. “We quickly found out that just like us, Adapt Innovatie is very strategic in its approach, and dares to ask the hard questions. It was a rare experience to be so aligned, yet complimentary with a collaboration partner”, says Guus Goorts, Crystal Marketing’s founder.

Where Crystal Marketing focuses on student recruitment through digital marketing, Adapt Innovatie’s strength lies applying strategic concepts to reach and convert hard-to-reach audiences, such as highly qualified employees.

Niels Huismans, Managing Partner at Adapt Innovatie: “A brilliant strategy is only going to bring results if it’s executed well. Brilliant execution is useless without a carefully crafted strategy. With Guus and his team on board, we can offer our clients a true ‘rolling strategy’: devising a strategy, bringing it to life in digital marketing campaigns, and tying the results back to the strategy.”

The Adapt concept

Adapt Innovatie makes up part of the Adapt Group, an innovative organisation concept. Adapt believes that attracting and retaining passionate, entrepreneurial professionals is ever more important for organisation success. Adapt believes in entrepreneurship, lifelong learning, portfolio-based development and modern collaboration. Groups of specialised professionals can form a company within the group. Adapt Group inspires, facilitates and supports them with practical matters. Currently, Adapt Group holds two companies: Adapt Innovatie and Adapt Analytics. A third company is under development. Learn more at https://adapt.nl (in Dutch)